Thursday, July 12, 2007

Updating and Dating.

Tom did well in his interview. It's a good thing Jackie from Connexions went with him though as getting information from him about something once it is finished is like getting blood from a stone. "But why would you want to get blood from a stone!" Anyway, she said he gave some good answers and she only needed to prompt him a little bit on a very few occasions when he didn't quite understand the question [probably because it was phrased in non-autistic speak and he took it literally].

Anyway we have to wait for 2 to 3 weeks and then he'll get a letter. It will be a 'yes, start in September', 'Maybe - your on the reserve list' or a 'No- not this time, thank you.' He also has to get a driving license if he gets the job! Eeck! Don't go there! Everyone else should get off the road, NOW! Sorry, does everyone think their kids can't drive, shouldn't drive, must not drive? Or is that just me?!

So meanwhile I started with the contingency planning and went to an information evening about university places so that if it's 'No - not this time, thank you.' then I can start the long and tedious process of nursing him through another year of A levels when he really never wants to set foot in that building ever again. Sigh! Meanwhile DS2 is as miserable as sin, trials of being 15 and girl trouble, and DD1 is happy! Shock! Yes, I know - pass me the smelling salts. Sadly it is related to a boy (wouldn't you know it) and largely about the validation of her worth that this liaison affords her. Doesn't matter how many times I spell out that we should not find our worth through the opinions of others, she's nearly 14 and that is where her head is at. DS2 and DD1 may well reverse positions on the whole 'mood' thing depending on the fortunes of their respective dalliances with the opposite sex. I wish I could give them the wisdom of my experience by telepathic graft, but they are immune, I've tried!

Little Miss 4 years seems very easy, level, and undemanding (if a little noisy) by comparison.

Family bulletin over.

Normal knitting service will be resumed shortly. (I'll let you know what happens in 2 or 3 weeks with the BT thing)

Starting tomorrow I will be 'Flashing the Stash' on Fridays. Each week I will choose a skein or ball at random from my gigantic stash and share it with you. The idea is that as well as recovering long lost goodies from the bottom of Stash Mountain I will be able to revisit whatever it was that I thought i might do with it when I bought it. :o) Who knows I might even knit some of it. More smelling salts, dear reader? I know it is a radical idea but I will knit with the beautiful damned stuff, I will!

In addition I will be going through the 'upstairs' (read unloved) stash and deciding which items can go up for sale. There just aren't enough years in one lifetime and I need to be able to breath more easily about all this hoarding. Anyone would think yarn was about to be banned! Perish the thought. I need to get organised.

Which brings me to my final thoughts for today, in exactly 2 weeks time we are having another temporary visitor whilst his carer goes on holiday (complicated, don't ask, but not what she wants to do - still, needs must ...). He's 18 months old so I think I need to a) get that room decorated - it is only 2 weeks, yes, I did say 2 weeks, b) plan for my holiday which starts the day he goes back as I don't expect to have any 'free' time whilst he's here c) finish the Della Shawl for the hipknits project club as I can't see there being any knitting time (that's right no knitting time - Eeck!) whilst he's here. Now you begin to see why I need another lifetime, sadly I also need it condensed into the next 2 weeks. Hum! That which does not kill us ...

I love it, really! :o)

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kerrie said...

I feel very virtuous that I have sold most of my stash over the last 24 hours. ONly a little bit left on the blog now. I'm already plotting what to spend the money on. Mwah ha ha. Maybe a visit to Ms Posh is in order on Sunday night. Can't wait to see what you decide to destash..