Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Went AWOL and then the postman came

I really meant to post you some more yummy yarn photos yesterday, but the bambinos got in the way and by the time the new visitor had been returned to his lady (he'll be here to stay for 3 1/2 weeks from Thursday) and we had bathed read to and kissed goodnight to the smallest member of the house (human that is) it was already late. DD1 was on the speedy computer and I just didn't have time to wait for the slow one (I remember the 286 fondly but that was pre Internet for us).

I had to knit, knit, knit. And I am a worried woman. Not too worried that I'll finish in time, tonight is the last night and then I cast off and block so I can post it to Kerrie - Della that is. But worried about how it will turn out. I am not entirely happy with how the border looks on the needles so I am relying on blocking being a magical transformation. Too late to alter it now, eeck! Keep all your fingers and toes crossed! Well, the yarn at least is lovely and the main pattern of the scarf looks great too, but that border ... we shall see. It is nice a holey and will look as it should for the 'theme' of the shawl but it doesn't look like the intended border at this point. Have faith Jacqui, have faith!

Anyway, lace crisis apart, here's a pretty picture of yarn to cheer me up.

Damson, Emily PY.

Arrived this morning as my postie will not force yarn through my letter box but takes it away if I am not in and I have to wait even longer for it to arrive when redelivered!

This yarn is the nicest I have had for a while colour wise. Dee takes really lovely photographs for her shop. Today the reality is even nicer than the photo :o) Can we have this colour in every weight please?


gilraen said...

The Damson is georgeous, but then Emily yarn is 'to dye for' ;) :D

Cairi's yarns look lovely :D

Annette said...

Well you're doing better than me.. i haven't posted since Thursday and have heaps to get photographed! Still can't wait to see Della finished and I'm sure it will look stunning when blocked. Cairi's yarns are very tempting, I've already looked 3 times but am trying very hard not to add to the stash...

Queen of the froggers. said...

I am sure Della will be fine. I want to see it!