Saturday, July 14, 2007

More Stash wants to Play - or how the Knitting Goddess came to stay.

A hand dyed 4 ply weight 100% cashmere yarn. Approx. 560m/75g

Loved the colours and watched it on eBay for several days and then made an offer at slightly under the asking price which was accepted.

Since I made the Shoalwater Shawl I have wanted to do another but this time for me, so this may well end up as that. i am thinking of adapting the Soalwater to do a more Faroese style/shape shawl instead of a triangular one.

Lots more knitting to so before then, coming along really nicely with the Della shawl for Kerrie's Project Club, the centre back is measuring 28" now so should be starting the edging any day now. Pattern is firmly in my head now and I can tell within a couple of stitches if I've made a mistake so that makes tinking much easier and also makes for a much more relaxed pleasurable knit. It is actually the simplicity of this lace which makes it difficult if that's not a contradiction. I will explain more once the pattern is revealed next month.

Off to paint the little bedroom. Sigh! Looking forward to sitting down tonight to knit. :o)

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kerrie said...

that looks so pretty! Off to stalk ebay for a wee while...