Friday, July 13, 2007

Flash the Stash Friday

Just so my yarn knows I still love it and will one day make something breathtaking beautiful with it, here's the first of my Flash the Stash Friday skeins.
i was going to just photograph the purple one but the ivory insisted on coming out to play too :o)

The Ivory is Posh Yarn, Cecilia and I believe the bluey/purple one is too. Sadly it has no tag - I think it was a Lace Club yarn from way back when. Anyone who can confirm it is Cecilia and who can give me the correct colourway will be rewarded with my gratitude and a virtual hug :o)
Cecilia, cobweb lace weight 50% silk / 50% cashmere yarn. Each skein is 100g / 1440 yards
Despite it being 'Flash the Stash Day' the sun decided to stay away so please forgive the poor quality (or lack of it) of the photographs.
I have also uploaded my photos to Flickr so I can get them onto Ravelry easily - and I am super pleased like you wouldn't believe that Ravelry has asked to use my photo as the one for the Shawl/stole thingy from VLT- I do know it's just because I was there first, but it feels like i am clever *Smug grins abound*. I am liking Ravelry more and more hehehehehe
Maybe next Friday we'll have some sunshine too?!

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yarnsnob said...

you are the lace, shawl queen :)