Sunday, July 29, 2007

Still here and knitting again

So, toddler = short knitting break.

thankfully it's over (the lack of knitting, that is), he's settled (the visitor, he is), and we're back in business (the knitting again!).

I am starting the mystery shawl knitalong I just need to choose a yarn or yarns. First I need to decide whether to use several colours - as suggested in the pattern or to use one variegated yarn. Dither Dither. That decision will help to eliminate some yarn possibilities but then if I choose many colours, as opposed to multi-coloured, I have to choose which colours.

Those who know me will now expect (and most probably receive) time for indecision to the point of complete halt. I have decided (!) not to knit the MS3 for now. But I am going to keep an eye on it and keep downloading the pattern instructions so that I can change my mind on that one too - at a later date. :o)

Finished 2 dishcloths last night, one lacy, one a picture. When I have decided which to send to my swap partner I'll photograph the other, maybe I'll send both! That way I wont have to choose!

BTW Tom didn't get that job :o(

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kerrie said...

oh no, is Tom really disappointed? I'm so sorry that he didn't get it, on to the next opportunity now though. You must be heartbroken for him, no-one told me having kids might be this hard!