Monday, July 09, 2007

A funny old week.

That was a funny old week and I don't mean funny 'hahaha'.

Just a cold, nothing much to write home about. Everybody has them, from time to time. But boy was it a doozy! Talk about fuddle headed! Happily I am writing about it in the past tense as although it lingers around the edges and I am not as sharp witted as is my usual high standard :o) I am returning to normal. I have actually been knitting!

You know you've got it bad when you can't even knit. *shock*

So where am I up to and with what?

HipKnits Project Club Shawl - coming along nicely, rows getting longer know, but pattern firmly in my head and it's easy to spot any errors quickly *touches wood* and undo small sections rather than tinking back row after row.

Dishcloth Swap - patterns investigated and found to be ... unimpressive. Well, probably better to say there just wasn't anything that caught my eye. I've decided to make it a usable item rather than a decorative one (solely) so I'm using the dishcloth cotton. I toyed with all the lovely bright colours and buying new yarn (Mwahahaha) but decided to be frugal and use stash ans proper traditional dishcloth cotton I have! So tonight I sit down with my lace books and pick some pretty patterns and make a sampler I think. Wash your dishes with out sampler Madame, you'll find the sparkle mighty brightly!

Other knitting stuff - mainly stash enhancement whilst the Project Club Shawl goes on. I have the patterns for the MS3 but dither still over yarn and as I haven't got the capacity/time for two new shawl patterns at once I think that can wait, maybe I'll take it all on holiday with me in August to get caught up :o) The yarn for the multicoloured jumper sits by whilst I wait for more time and patience to embark on knitting with two balls. The crochet baby blanket comes along nicely, it sits by my chair and I pick it up to add a few rows every now and then during the day when a 4yr old prevents shawl knitting by bouncing on the sofa next to me. I found a different shade of pink to add to it when my first ball runs out so we could be here for some time yet :o) The stash is PY and I am contemplating knitting up some of that sock yarn with EZ patterns, baby surprise? baby blankets, Totem, bog etc. Lots of things I want to try, and plenty of yarn to experiment with, but no recipients in mind as I have no idea what size things will turn out :o)

Anyway, enough, for now, I hope your knitting is going well and that you're sharper witted than I, with no befuddlement clouding you knitting reflexes. No piccies this time, but if the sun keeps shining I'll share the stash enhancement with you next time. Chin up, things can only get better!

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quiltparalegal said...

I'm from Eau Claire, WI - USA and just stumbled across your blog - your shawls are beautiful

Have you seen the shawl patterns by Hazel Carter that are marketed through the following website:
(I am not affiliated, but there are some beautiful shawls that you might want to check out from this website located also in Wisconsin.)

Sue from Eau Claire, WI (quiltparalegal on Mystery Shawl 3)