Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Aran Forest Canopy

Here she is
Pattern: Forest Canopy
Yarn: Posh Yarn Victoria, Gothic, 440yds 190g.

Needles: 6mm
Modifications: One less pattern row for the edging due to lack of yarn, otherwise, as written

A nice size I think and a fast knit in the aran. Took a full 24 hours to dry and the blocking makes the aran feel light and delicate :o) A beautiful yarn in my favourite colours.

One thing I learnt from knitting this straight after the Queen of the Waves was that a plain triangular shawl doesn't actually fit on my shoulders very well. I intend to try to come up with a design in the faroese (sp?) style one day.

Meanwhile back to all things HipKinterly and more shawl later today, first i am off to my other other job to do some eBay listings or my boss will be wondering what i am up to :o) I do know I'd rather knit, but someone has to pay for all this yarn LOL Stashalong relatively effective, that PY Victoria Gothic has been sitting in my stash for a year or so. It feels good to finally have it knitted up and wearable.

I had a good look at the Lady pattern last night and it's doable and mainly gs but I'll need to keep a good track of how many rows as there's shaping on almost every row to get the bias shapes required, looking forward to it, but I may delay the start until I've gotten a little further with the Hipknits Shawl.


Queen of the froggers. said...

I love that in the aran yarn, for some reason I have never thought of lace knitting in aran but imagine how lovely that will be in winter!

kerrie said...

that looks beautiful. One of my favourite shawls of all time is Kiri which I made in our aran weight silk. The drape is gorgeous and it just feels so substantial. I love your forest canapy shawl, I must be the only person in the world who hasnt made that one.