Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A little more lace

The photograph of this lace in a previous post really didn't capture the beautiful colour properly :o(

So I tried again.. and again.... and again!

It still isn't right.

It doesn't sing in the same way that the silk in this Posh Yarn, Eva, 2 ply, sings.

It is the most beautifully soft and inspiring yarn I have ever handled, it is a real pleasure to sit down and work with it, and one of the beautiful things about it is the colour.

I wish I could get it just right to share it with you :o( It's brighter, it's greener and it is immeasurably more ... more ... more ... everything! I just hope I can photograph it accurately when it is finished!

Even better the latest (and last *sob!*) Lace Club yarn is more of this deliciousness in a wonderful blue that I cannot begin to describe, and probably wont be able to photograph either *sigh!*

1 comment:

yarnsnob said...

understand your lousy photographer too...think we shud go back to college and take up photography course :)