Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Baby Shawl corner and Bargains

Last night I had the silly idea that I might get the Baby Shawl (imaginatively named, eh!) finished. I must have forgotten just how many edge stitches there are because I didn't stand a chance! I have actually only done 1 1/2 sides so I'm nowhere near.

But, I am very happy with how it's going. I turned the corner without any problems at my first attempt, which isn't bad going when I'm 'unventing' as you go, and also as I didn't bother counting all those edge stitches to see if the edging I've chosen will actually fit!

The feel of this yarn is great, I am enjoying sitting under it's snuggliness as I knit. It's chilly here on the north east coast. Yes, it's PY again! Now my only worry is that I'll run out of yarn before I get all the way around. If I do it'll be a pain to pull it back and take off a row of the Old Shale as I haven't put in a life line *Note to self - put in a life line, you fool!* I did email Dee to see if she had any more, but I already knew she wouldn't have :o( I bought it all :o)

I am weighing the yarn obsessively to try and work out if I'll make it so I can frog it now if I need to, rather than waiting until the bitter end. Maybe if I weigh it often enough it will get heavier and there will be more? *rolls eyes*

My bargain today comes from HipKnits. Kerrie's sale came just at the right time and I was very lucky.

I'm supposed to be on a stashalong *whistles *, yeah right! But I want to knit this pattern (Queen of the Waves) from Ilga Leja. I have looked and looked and looked at Schaefer Anne sock yarns *drools* but on a stashalong I can't spend that much on yarn, no, really, I can't.

So when I saw that Schaefer Anne was on sale at HipKnits and there were only 4 skeins left, I emailed to ask if by any chance Kerrie had 2 the same. Luckily for me she did. Now they could have been any colours and at the sale price any colour would be a bargain... but ... would it be right for the Queen of the Waves. Well the photo shows what I received in the post this morning. Yay! How lucky is that! Perfect, exactly what I would have chosen if I had been able to see the colours to choose from. *does a happy dance*

So, come touch me, I'm on a winning streak, off to buy a lottery ticket! ;o)


Twinkle Toes said...

hee hee hee... I had a similar problem with the Schaefer Anne too - what a bargain it was!! I wanted 3 - but literally only managed to get the last one... it's lovely(!!!)

Twinkle Toes said...

hee hee hee

I had to smile... the Schaefer did the same to me on hipknits...

Wanted 3.. but ended up with literally the last one - and it's lovely(!) so must have logged on just after you... :o)