Monday, June 25, 2007

Blocking tonight!

If I blog it, will it dry faster?

Measures 64" across the top and 32" from top to point, hope it stays that size! Still damp, I think aran may take a while to dry and I am impatient, can you tell?

I've spent all evening knitting lace and it's beginning to look like a little baby shawlette, ah! All soft and so inviting. The colours are turning out really nicely. I have to confess to moments of uncertainty when Kerrie sent me a variegated yarn, but this is just right. Sadly I can't show you how pretty Della is without giving away the surprise... oh the sweet tempation... Nah! But now that I've stopped I'm itching to get stitching. Need to cast on a new project.
I have the yarn for this which I got from here but she hasn't got any left cos i bought it all :P stashalong? What stashalong. The Yarn Harlot made me do it. But don't expect me to knit as fast as she does. Besides which ... steaks ... steaks... steaks! Come on Lucy, don't fail me now! Steaks are on one of the Lucy DVDs, Yay!
Apart from that I have the yarn for the Lady of the Forest and this time it's a holy stashbusting project and might be restfull after the lace ... hmm... challenge or rest? Rest or challenge?
Do you think it's dry yet?

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