Friday, June 08, 2007

Casting on

Thanks to Dee for the feedback (see comments below) and I couldn't agree more :o)

I had to post the piccie of the new mohair yarn, I couldn't pretend I am still stashingalong *blushes* partly because, of course, I am as honest as the day is long *rolls eyes*, but also because that yarn made me want to cast on straight away.

Lovely yarn often makes me want to drool (ug!) and usually makes me want to stroke it, sometimes to smell it (which is odd - as I have no sense of smell) but this is the first time I have opened a package from Dee and been overcome with the urge to cast on straight away, abandon all WIP, cast aside all plans for other projects, and just get down and dirty with the fuzziness of that mohair, baby! *sigh!*

I have managed to contain myself thus far - phew! But this afternoon, when little miss 4 yrs is in nursery and I have no meetings or other engagements I can't get out of I will be swatching the Kid Silk Lace.

I also plan to cast on the Queen of the Waves so I have a project for tonight. The Baby Shawl is sitting in the naughty corner until she learns not to run out of yarn before her border is even half finished and until I learn to estimate yardage requirements better! I frogged her last night but I haven't the heart for another start of the finish (iykwim) just yet. Boo hoo!

How much of the cast on I get done I do not know, it will depend on how I go with the KSL

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