Thursday, June 07, 2007

Posh does it again

I don't know why I try to deny myself - I know I wont manage to do it for long *sigh* I do feel bad, but I also feel good *wicked grin* and I feel very POSH

Three of these fell into my basket on Sunday and I just had to take pity on them and bring them home - very mohair, very light and very Posh Yarn. 70% kid mohair, 30% silk laceweight yarn. Each skein is 50g, with 450 yards. I feel the need to start knitting it tonight too - I've had a hard day, and some fluffiness is in my very near future, very near.

I would like to point out that I have no affiliation with this yarn painter, but she does something to yarn that does something to me *rolls eyes* And in my stashalong defence the HipKnits was a bargain and (other than the PY) I haven't splurged again this week - and Sunday doesn't really count as this week, does it? Shhh! You don't tell anyone and neither will I :o)

Something i haven't yet given in to, although please don't ask me how many times this one has been in the virtual shopping basket today, *sigh!*, is over at AY. How long before that is heading this way too - only thing is which colour first? :o)

I must finish the baby shawl before I buy any more yarn, so close now I can feel it calling to me from it's 'safe place' and it's going to be a last inch finish too. But will it be an inch to short or an inch to long, for the remaining yarn?

Going back to the Schaefer Anne for a second I'd just like to give a quick mention to Ilga Leja designer of the Queen of the Waves pattern that we're doing as a knitalong on the AY forum. There has been a big debate about some of the instructions for the pattern, me and being me :o) , I thought I'd ask Ilga. Now, I knew I'd probably get a response from her becuase Cairi said she's had a really prompt response from her when she emailed. It was just so, overnight the answer came and Ilga has joined the forum so that she can help us with the difficulties we are having.

I think it is only to be expected that from time to time error will occur, human error, typing/printing transpositions misunderstandings in what is meant by different terms etc. So that errors occur is not a problem in itself, what is a problem is when you can't sort them out, when there is no response or a curt response from the designer and Ilga is a shining example of how it should be done. Polite, friendly and professional and above all concerned that the knitter is happy with the design. Me I am happy :o)

DH was telling me the other day that research into customer satisfaction showed that it isn't customers who haven't had any problems who are the most satisfied, it's the ones who've had difficulties that have been dealt with in a positive way, who are the best pleased. QED


Lindsey said...

Ooh, that PY is pretty...I should shame you for breaking the stashalong, but that picture makes me want to pet my monitor, so it's hard to scold!

Nice to hear about Ilga, too. It's very true that good customer service is a rare and wonderful thing...makes such a difference when someone goes that little extra step to help you out!

yarnsnob said...

whose been a naughty girl? Smacky botty!!

Dee said...

I wasn't going to tell anyone, but since you've made a public confession......

Interesting comments from your dh. It's a very peculiar thing, but I almost welcome it when I get complaints, because it does give you the opportunity to improve your reputation. Its not enough to have great products, especially for a mail order company, you MUST have impeccable customer service. Its more important than anything else.

Queen of the froggers. said...

The posh fluffy yarn looks divine, thank god I have no money left this week!!!
That is a great response from the shawl pattern designer.