Friday, June 01, 2007

Meanwhile back in the land of blob, or how the baby shawl went on ... and on ... and on ...

How big is big enough?

When you are making it up as you go along, how big is big enough?

I know I am not there yet, ... but yarn is being eaten by the baby shawl (good job it's organic, or she might get indigestion), but it seems not to grow!
So I thought I'd s-p-r-e-a-d it out.
Ah how I love KP Options and the super long cords. When I bought them I couldn't imagine ever needing anything that long, but 3 cords is enough to spread out the baby blob and she is growing after all.
So far unstretched (not even a little bit, honest) she's 42". I recon that means she's going to be a nice big soft fluffy mummy of a shawl and I love her again. (I was having my doubts as her formlessness grew more and more blobby) I am so glad I decided to take a peek at her rather than guessing how things were going, and hanging on to go for the big 'reveal' at the end.
I have 1 full 100gm ball left, plus 29gms of the 4th ball still to go. Now, that seems like a lot of yarn but a set of 4 rows (i.e. one old shale repeat) took 21gms *shock* and I also have to guess how much I'll need to knit the edging on. Given that I haven't decided on a border pattern yet ... Doh!
I'd like to double the old shale I have already done, but that's another 8 repeats and I haven't got enough for that. Oh my! Guesswork and compromise are the words of the moment.
Meanwhile the other little lace project I photographed yesterday is looking lush, I am adding another pattern and loving every stitch, it is so soft and gorgeous (although it does split a little, not being very tightly wound, but I am ignoring that because it is so soft and gorgeous).
Btw I didn't go back to the last day of the fabric sale at my LYS, I really must stop spending money. Maybe a little splurge when my pay cheque arrives? But the stashalong is making the yarn cravings really bad, and I am surfing, and browsing, and there are so many wonderful yarns out there just waiting for me to buy them.
Oh dear, I need to go fondle my stash again to reaffirm that I have enough yarn to see me through the next ice age, and I do not need to buy any more! I have enough yarn - I have enough yarn, repeat after me, I have enough yarn. *sigh!*


yarnsbob said...

a girl can never have too much yarn, why don't you give some to me and buy some more :) Stashalong..that word doesn't exist!!

yarnsnob said...

wish I was a baby again..I'd love that baby shawl...its beautiful

Viknits said...

Wow that's a beautiful baby blanket! I know what you mean about the stashalong. It's like being on a really harsh diet. We've gone cold turkey. Well with the buying side of it. We'll get through ;) and when we do we'll have a great excuse to buy lots of yarn! Yey!

Queen Frogger said...

The baby lanket is lovely, I am glad the options were so good for it. Stashalongs are dreadful, they certainly enhance the yarn cravings, it is like diets, I eat more!

belle said...

Jam, I LOVE your baby shawl, you are an awesome artisan :)

One thing keeps puzzling me....a baby shawl.... are you keeping secrets from us.

Jacqui said...

Noooooooooooo *runs screaming from the building* :o)

It's just that is what the Helena wanted to be.