Monday, June 11, 2007

Queen of the Waves

Going ok so far! I am loving the colours of the Schaefer Anne but not loving the feel - guess I am spoiled by all the soft PY but at least this is one that shouldn't felt and can go in the machine. Much discussion on the AY boards about the shell stitch *rolls eyes* happy with how mine is looking :o) don't especially like knitting them though - all those long loops! I keep catching my nails in them, but they do look pretty. Btw the photo is upside down :o) and I have no idea which side is the right side, ask me if I'm 'bovered'.

Yesterdays little puzzle? It's Hardian's Wall - well done Sussex Yorkie :o) DD wants me to point out that she took the photos, not me.


Queen of the froggers. said...

I like lace with long loops! It is looking good.

Viknits said...

Yey gorgeous QOTW!