Friday, June 29, 2007

A little progress at last or how I eventually finished those socks!

I started these socks last August, yup, nearly a year ago. It's a bad case of second sock syndrome! Well, more a case of second sock syndrome coupled with start a project and then put it away in a corner for the second sock too. All I needed to do was finish the foot and do the grafting and they'd be a pair and they stayed like that for months.

The yarn is Angel Yarns Sock yarn and there is enough left for another pair this short. I find longer socks a little tight on my *cough* ample calves. The pattern is just the old Opal one, nice and straight forward. Maybe that's why I stalled on them, not enough interest in the design? Well, I get to find out soon because when I finish the shawl for the HipKnits Project Club I get to do some socks. Maybe I should hustle up a patterned pair in the meantime to get my hand in. Only they'd better not take a year next time :o) I cast on with two needles held together to make a nice stretchy top hem. There are 20 rows between cuff and heel shaping. And they don't match, and I don't mind! What I increasingly do mind is the grafting and the square te. Time to find a toe up pattern I think. Wish me luck, I need it.

Talking of the shawl, well, I'm not talking of the shawl.

I have a few hint for how it's been going.

Knit. Tink. Knit. Tink. Knit. Tink!

And some advice for how to avoid this yourself?

Stitch markers! And, lifelines!

That's all. Simple, I should know better, I do now! Ho hum. Off to knit lace.

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Are you addicted to knitting socks yet?