Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Queen After Blocking. Ta da!

The light isn't very good for photography this morning and my models have gone to school. DS2 flatly refused anyway! ?
So the washing line will have to do. :o) These photographs look lighter than she really is, due to being against a white background I think, but it does help to show the laciness (sp?) of the finished monarch.

The yarn has softened beautifully and the Queen is indeed regal, don't you think?


ContinentalCat said...

Great work, it looks absolutely stunning. Well done.

yarnnsob said...

its beautiful J, very very pretty, now you have to show it off and where to somewhere special :)Love to see YOU model it

gilraen said...

Wow!!!! It's stunning......breathtaking thinking of all those YO etc :)

Bearium said...

Wow, absolutely stunning. Gives me something to aspire to :)

Lindsey said...

That's amazing! And I can't believe you're done already!! Wow! I'm in awe!