Saturday, June 09, 2007


Kid Silk Lace from PY
Needles sizes from the top down





There are 2 rows of eyelets for each size apart from the top one set for 2mm (on my monitor the needle sizes are adjacent to the correct place on the swatch) and one block of gs and one of ss for each size.

I just realised there isn't anything in there for scale (DOH!). Actually any of the range would be fine to work with. As I was knitting I found the smaller sizes more difficult to do the k2tog with but not so much that they'd stop me using any of them. The fabric looks best in the 2mm but the holes may get lost in the fluffiness so I'll probably go for a size in the middle.

Dee mentions on her blog how hard this yarn is to photograph and I can second that! I wanted to show you how the fluffiness contrasts with the stitches on garter stitch especially and how the fabric is rippled, it's a yarn that wants to be texture.

These are the best I could do, sorry :o( You'll just have to buy some :o)

And here's the lovely silky apple green lace that I've been playing with. Still can't get the colour right as this one is a little bleached by the flash but it does show the patterns I am trying out.

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Queen of the froggers. said...

The green lace is looking good. I like the fluffiness of that posh yarn!