Monday, June 25, 2007

The Forest Grows

Is it big enough yet?

At last I have a photo of my second Forest Canopy that looks, on my monitor at least, how the shawl looks in real life (below).
The purple is so dark that it absorbs light, it will be my invisibility cloak ;o)

I am really enjoying knitting this for the second time. The pattern is well and truly in my head and, although i will need to go back to the instructions for the final border and the cast off, for now I am motoring long.

I want this to be really big and I am watching the yarn cake dwindle ;o( I have the other purple to do the edging with, maybe. But the dilemma over whether to have it slightly smaller but all one purple or slightly larger but with a lighter edging is beginning to bother me. I am not a decisive person in these circumstances. I have put in a life line or two so that I can change my mind and i think I will try the two colour version first. If only I could decide what my priority is. Dither, dither! Do I want size or simplicity! Ah, what it is to have such dilemmas. Life is good!

Dee had some more Gothic in her sale this week, but I resisted. The call was strong, but I have a new love and her name is Lucy! Lucy Neatby. I am getting into the true realms of knitting nerdom when even my railway enthusiast DH finds my 4 new DVDs too hardcore. Trainspotter! I did point out that watching someone else knit cannot in any way be compared to the obvious delights of a drivers eye view of a cab ride DVD. But he wasn't listening. He said that the shudder and the thud you hear at the beginning of Lucy's lesson is the cameraman falling off his chair when he goes to sleep! Cheek! Do you have any idea how many times I have travelled the East Coast Main Line in virtual slow motion? No! Neither do I.

Is this extreme knitting? I love it! Everyone should get these DVDs for Christmas! Then we'd all know how to knit perfectly :o)

Meanwhile I have knitted more of Kerrie's shawl - not a lot more - it takes a long time to knit a laceweight shawl. How many days are there until the 1st of August? No, don't tell me. I don't need sleep. But I did learn one thing today. I cannot knit lace and watch Lucy at the same time, whilst I am counting, "k1, p1, yo, ssk," Lucy is saying "knit into the front of the stitch ..." Argh! That's 6 times I tinked that row!

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Queen of the froggers. said...

The Lucy Neatby dvd's sound good. And the shawl is nice, I think that I need to make that one day!