Sunday, January 29, 2006

Blackwork Cat

Blackwork Cat
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Yesturday i started this cat in blackwork, actually it's brown work ;) as i couldn't find any back thread. vbg. Today i finished it and of course found the black thread too :) The contrast is fine here with the help of the camera flash, but in 'real' life it's a little too close to the background fabric and doesn't 'sing' but I live and learn :)

i first used blackwork on the 'All that Jazz' block and wanted to try out some more since then. I have decided to make this block a sampler of blackwork and to experiment with different sized pieces and colours of thread, and to work on that contrast!

My next motif is a hand which i intend to do in black and then I want to try some white pieces. i expect this might create a few problems as the waste canvas I am using is white too and it may be difficult to see where I have sewn and where I still need to do.

I also plan to try different numbers of threads as I have only used single strands thus far, what difference to the appearance does using 2 or 3 strands make?

After that i need to experiment with different patterns, some which cover the area less or more densely.

Anyway, all of that is for another day. For today I am quite pleased with my little pussy, at least I know now where i want to go, and some of what i want to find out on the way.

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Chloe said...

Really interesting - as I work on chicken scratch (especially off gingham), I feel the need to define how it is different to blackwork - as I think there are some similarities. I think the difference is the stitching through teh fabric for the CS is merely to hold surface weaving. But since I don't know if there is surface weaving in blackwork, the differences are getting blured for me. :)