Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Blackwork hand - finished!

Blackwork hand
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Dampen the waste canvas with tap water, be careful with delicate fabrics as water marks can stain. I used a moistened towel to dab the whole of the waste canvas. (The photo is taken when the background is still wet hence the translucence of the fabric. It is possible to pull the individual threads out without dampening the canvas but this requires more force than I like as I do not want to move any of the blackwork stitches.

Once the waste canvas has absorbed the water the 'glue'(I think it is actually starch) that holds the threads together is released and you can then pull the threads out one at a time to leave the blackwork stitches on the background.

As these cq pieces are relatively small the threads are straight forward to remove but you do need to do them one at a time so it does take a while.

Tomorrow i see if i can do it with white thread!

Linda asked how this process compared to / used cross stitch. Other than the fact that I took the design from a cross stitch source, and that I first heard of waste canvas in relation to cross stitch it doesn't at all.

All in all, an effective method of adding motifs to cq that is straight forward and does not require any special skill. :)

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