Friday, January 27, 2006


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After starting a thread on a craft forum to discover if there is sea glass (beach glass) in Australia I thought i'd post a photo of some of my collection. B can't find any near her house but has some from the other side of the planet where her DD lives.

Why do i like it? I have various other bits and pieces picked up on the beach in the 4 years we have lived here. I have shells of course and I have various crab skeletons, large and small, and a small mammal skull. But I do have a soft spot for, and deliberately seek out the sea glass. I now have so much of the white/clear glass that I have stopped collecting it and I'm concentrating on the coloured glass, mainly blues and greens as you can see.

I would really like some red!

I prefer the pieces that are well worn and rounded by the sea's motion and the rubbing of the sand. I have thought of buying one of those 'mill's'(?) that you polish gem stoned in and making my own, but that would be cheating.

I think the beauty comes with the location and the company. Beaches remind me of my childhood in the Carribean, of being young and free. When we have a good day on the beach I think of it as memories in the bank for my children. I think that when they look back on their childhoods if they remember days on the beach then they will think they had good times.

The one thing you don't get from a scan is the translucent (or should that be opaque) quality of the glass. You really need to hold it up to the light.

There is also something magical about being able to pick up broken glass without cutting your fingers.

I like the idea that the sea is softening the waste we throw away and making the ugly polution beautiful.

I like the idea that sand is transforming the glass which is made out of sand.

I like the idea that one day I may make something from it, and that I may not.


Valeri said...

We get lots of sea glass down here in Cornwall. I love it as its so useful for lots of things. Have you noticed how rare it is these days to get blue sea glass? When I was a child there was lots of it about.

belle said...

Did you find sea glass in the Caribbean Jammie ?

Lyn B 4 said...

I buy blue glass to put on flower pots very pretty

Jacqui said...

Not that I recall, don't remember collecting anything but memories then :)

Leeanne said...

Very pretty sea glass.