Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mum's Socks finished

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Here's the pair, finished and in the post tomorrow - should be there in time for her birthday and if they're too big she can swap with dad's socks from his birthday which were too tight. They are bed socks anyway so the fit isn't crucial :) If she doesn't like them I'll have them back - my second ever pair. Next pair are definately for me!

So, knitting projects reduced by one. OTN I still have my Colinette cardi and a jumper for Katie, a Debbie Bliss pattern in gorgeous soft wool, one sleeve to do, but knitting up a bit big for little X so no rush.

I feel some sewing coming on. After last nights - rubbish row I think i had better get some practice in for the row by row swap *sigh* I moved my design wall into the front room with all the rest of my stuff. I changed rooms last year as the house began to fill up with brightly coloured plastic and X and I needed more space but never got round to moving the fabric for my design wall through to the front room. Now it is back up and row one is on it. Yesturday's photo is a little washed out by the flash the colours in the log cabin are strong bright reds and blues and I really like them so i am hopeing good things will follow and this will be a bright cheerful quilt. The only way it will be complete for Christmas 2006 is if the rows are here early *rolls eyes* and as I am a bad one for rushing to meet deadlines at the last minute I can't expect anyone else to be early, so i am thinking 2007, which gives me lots of time to do the quilting. I am playing in my head with different settings rather than straight row on row and different borders and sashing to see what shapes and dimensions I can come up with. Might not use any of these but having fun thinking about the possibilities. Looking forward to my next row which is for Di and is bright amish type colours with a feature fabric Di has sent in navy. This row is 'open' so I am waiting for Di's notebook/log to see if she has any preferences.

This is Di's first row
and this is the row Ted is doing for her and


defragme said...

I like the pattern. Interestingly, I just popped by a random blog that was doing knitting! It must be getting more popular.

FYI--here is the blog--I'm not affiliated with it, but thought you might be curious...

belle said...

Mad clapping from over the ocean - glad you got your mum's socks done - you must have clckety-clacked away non-stop. They look good, I'd love them if it was my birthday vbg

Leeanne said...

I like your socks esp your dads.

I got a stupid question for ya.

Your dads socks, to get the stripes and black pattern does it come naturally with the yarn or do you have to do a special pattern?

belle said...

Hi Leanne ( 'scuse me Jammie, while I butt in :)) the wool is dyed so that as you knit, the pattern appears. Here's a link for stores in Australia, I bought mine mail order, but there might be a store near to you

It's called Opal wool, and the Oz distributor is teh Bead and Opal Queen.

Leeanne said...

Thanks Belle, I kinda thought that and it seems to be the craze at the moment. I might try one in a few months once I have all the projects I am doing finnished.

~Silvia~ said...

I am loving those Socks..I need to get faster with knitting so i can make more Socks.
Oh Quilts...I tryed one and it is terrible..but I am using it because i made it..yours looks lovely