Thursday, January 26, 2006

Country walk Plessy Woods

Country walk Plessy Woods
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These are the winter days i like, no wind to speak of , none at all once in the trees, and a moderately cold day, about 5 degrees, lovely and warm once you are walking.

Trying out the digi to see how it copes shooting into the sun, not bad. The colours don't really show up, there was so much green and the sky was blue (between he heavy grey cloud banks).

I am so fed up of grey and we have had too many grey days, often so dark that the lights stay on in the house all day.

This place was full of bird song too, just what the Dr. ordered.

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belle said...

** sigh** Oh to be in England now ...that it's cool, umm, cold?

Lovely pictures, what a gorgeous place to go wandering, mud and all :)