Thursday, January 19, 2006

CQ Book

CQ Book
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I needed even more retail therapy - at this rate I could afford the real thing! Therapy that is! Anyway Border's were having a student discount day with 20% off - sadly they didn't have anything I really HAD to have but as I HaAD to have something (well, it was a bargin) I got this. It's really very similat to her other books (published in 1995 I'm not sure if it might even superceed them) but there are some photos I haven't seen before in it and some pages at the back where she shows her journalling process for a few projects complete with drawings and notes. As I am just beginning to journal things I found this interesting, the ISBN in case anyone is interested is 0-914881-85-X. It's the inspiration rather than the stitch diagrams that I'm after although the stitch combination pictures are always useful.

Talking of ISBNs, Sharon asked for the one for White on white from yesturday's blog entry - here it is - 1-904485-18-9, published by Coats Crafts UK in 2004.


Sharon said...

Thanks J I am off to work this afternoon so I will look it up on our catalogue and see if I can get - I will probably end up bringing it in from overseas.... I am shamless regarding books... Does M want to seee her block so far as I have photographed it... I wasn't sure of the protocol and whether they got to see them before the finish...

Hope said...


I have this book (I bought it when a class I had booked and paid for was cancelled) and over the years I have taught myself a variety of stitches from it, having only done embroidery at primary school and only the most basic of stitches. I agree that the pictures are excellent for inspiration for CQ. I consider it a good investment and have used it consistently for reference.