Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Blackwork in white

Blackwork in white
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Well, here's some in white. Not so difficult to see on the waste canvas as I feared but I would recommend good light :) Sadly this idea didn't work - it was meant to be a sort of seam treatment but the pattern is too wide, I think, or is it that the seam is too short?

Anyway, the contrast of white on dark fabric works well and I think it is the contrast that does all the work in blackwork - it is possible to use lots of different colours of thread - maybe a varigated thread on a large piece would look good too.

There are possibilities of decorating this with beads and other additional embellishments but I really needed a narrower and perhaps more geometric pattern I think. Maybe I could try working it over the top of the seam, rather than next to it - if i had two dark fabrics adjacent. Anyway lots to think about, and I had the perfect excuse to buy a new book this amazon listing should let you look inside :)

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Sarah said...

I really like how that hand turned out. Nice job!