Sunday, January 29, 2006

Unbeknownst to the maiden

Unbeknownst to the maiden and her mother the wise women met to exchange spells over the wrapping. They chose a special venue for their meeting, a place where they were among their own kind and unlikely to be disturbed by negative energy of the uninitiated. Amidst the treasures and glories of the embellishing world they brought forth their wraps to admire the work already thereon and to consider their next additions.

Many strangers, women of craft but not those entrusted with this special mission, were drawn by the light of the wonderful work already a part of the wrapping's glory. They crowded around our wise women and asked in hushed, awed tones to be told the story of the wraps journey and it's purpose. Oh how they admired the handiwork of the chosen stitchers, and how they praised the idea of passing such knowledge to the next generation in the person of the maiden. Adding their own good wises and creative energies to the project they blessed the wraps with even more beauty.

Our own wise women discussed the next steps and, drawing on the inspiration of their surroundings, left the meeting renewed in their determination to cast yet more wondrous weavings onto the wrap. Slowly and irreversibly the wrapping was being transformed as much by the attention and care it received as by the stitches themselves.

Far away on the other side of the world the mother came to hear of this meeting and of the plans the wise women had for the wrapping. She marveled that such a small beginning had grown into such a momentous undertaking, and her heart was glad.

It is in our intentions and in our dreaming as well as in our doing that we truly reveal our inner strengths and the lessons for future generations.

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Sharon said...

This story could become an event in itself... Would you mind if I took a copy of it as I would like to keep it... Have you thought in turn that this could make a wonderful theme for something pictorial...