Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The wrapping is embellished

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Here is the wrapping as last seen before beginning the next leg of it's journey.

The intense heat of the Australian summer has not damaged it's emerging beauty and the wise women are taking steps to protect it as it travels those lands so distant from the maiden's own.

Lands where day is night and summer is winter. Lands where mythical beasts roam dusty plains and deserts. Creatures only dreamed of in this place, live side by side with our wise women of the challenge.

Each resting place for the warp becomes a hive of industry for the sewer as she begins to work her magic on it. Each patch becomes a memory of those labours for the cause.

The lady Roz has added a magic symbol 'm' which will forever tie the wrap to it's eventual recipient, the fair Mairead. Placed in a fragrant garden, surrounded by love and cystaline forms of emphemeral creatures, the symbols power will transcend earhtly constraints and last as long as the wrap itself lasts. Forever calling the maiden back to gaze on it's wonderous face.

Now the next embroiderer in our chain has the wrap in her hand and ponders her decisions. Choices which will live on with the wrap and with the young Mairead through life's wending ways and twisting journeys and hopefully work their mystery's to bring her back to these creative arts now and in the future.

For this is the mother's wish, that one day the maiden, perhaps not for many years to come, will come to know the joy, challenge and triumph known to these women who worked the wrap. The joy that is creativity, the challenge that is design, and the triumph that is in spreading beauty to others.

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