Sunday, January 08, 2006

jam_mam's row 1

jam_mam's row 1
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Decided it was time I got on with the sewing - that's why I'm up blogging the row by row first row - log cabin at 12.45 (yawn) just finished. And it is shocking! Good job you can't see too close up :( Also good job I am not a perfectionist! And a good job this row is for my quilt :) If it were someone else's row I would have to do it again, it's miles out and too short but it is 40 1/2" wide because I just kept adding strips until it was and then trimmed it down to 8 1/2" wide. Maybe I should try foundation pieceing, maybe I should not sew when I ought to be in bed, maybe I should sew straight lines straight! Oh dear, ah well, onward and upward:)

The theme for my quilt is Christmas, inspired by the great quilt Jenkay made from the friendship block swap for 2005 :) The prints are all predominantly red or blue because that's was the christmas prints I had in my stash in abundance. I am happy for people to include green, gold, or any fabrics they consider to be christmassy - most of the prints have stars on them somewhere so I am also happy to receive stars for this quilt.

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Leeanne said...

Well I like it faults and all.