Thursday, January 19, 2006

So how do I read blogs

I usually find new blogs through links from ones I already visit. SharonB's blog inaminuteago is especially good for this. Recently I have stopped visiting some where there are less frequent posts as I still visit each one individually to check if there are any new items rather than using some kind of service to advise me of new postings - this was just taking too long. On a new blog I read the most recent posting first and then scroll down if it catches my interest following links as I go.I never look at profiles, i'm really interested in what people have written and not who they are. I might look at a profile after I have visited a blog many times but usually not at all. I do try to leave comments on new blogs if I can think of anything constructive to say as I remember how I felt about receiving those first few comments on mine, delighted. It is stilla htrill to know people are reading what I write and I have the thing set up so that it emails me any comments that are left.

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