Saturday, January 21, 2006

Finding Fabric in Furniture

Listening to BBC Radio 4 this morning I heard this wonderful story about finding old clothes in a piece of furniture during restoration
This led me to where there is a resource of 'found garments' and their stories. I wonder if you've ever found anything in old houses or even hidden inside furniture :)


Valeri said...

We bought an old cob cottage in Devon (UK) circa 900 AD and it was actually mentioned in the Domesday book! It had an enormous fireplace and during renovations we found a silver spur and a Mickey Mouse clock up the chimney. In the bread oven which was at the side of the fireplace we found a silver candlestick! The whole fireplace had been blocked up for years. The spur was higher up than the clock! Makes you wonder!

Maureen said...

Thank you for introducing me to the ""
I found this and the article on BBC4 most fascinating!Living in a relatively young country,where,until 1988 any building designated "old" was fair game to be destroyed rather than preserved,I can only imagine what "treasures" have been lost.
It also brings new meaning to the op-shop clothes and clothes saved (and sometimes hidden) for later use in CQ.