Tuesday, January 17, 2006

How do you read a blog?

Whilst I was doing my morning round up of new posts on favourite blogs I found this question on Zeneedle
scroll down to the entry for 13th Jan - so go on how do you read a blog? My answer? tomorrow :)


~Silvia~ said...

If it is new blog I ususaly read the first entry I see on the page..if it grabs me I read some more...then maybe skim the Archives
I don't always leave a comment.
If it is a blog I visit regular I read the lates instalment and move on sometimes I leave a comment but sometimes I don't. I feel 'clingy' leaving a coment everytime I visit or read. Don't want ppl to think I am kind of a weird stalker!!!

belle said...

For 'old' blogs I usually just read the new entries, and sometimes check out old ones to see what else has been said. New ones, I read the last entry, look at any pictures, read the bloggers full profile - such a sticky beak ! And then I'll read more depending on lots of things - time I have, time of day, how tired or not I am, how interesting the blog is.

Bit like you Silvia, don't always leave a comment, don't want to seem obsessive or yes! a stalker lol. Or I feel like I'm echoing what others have said.

So, Jam, where's your answer, how do YOU read a blog ? How do you choose a blog?