Monday, January 02, 2006

Ideas for art quilt challenge

Ideas for art quilt challenge
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My wool picture is beginning to give me ideas - here are the preliminary sketches from my journal. The interpretation is still quite literal at this stage but I expect it to evolve as I begin to look for materials and methods. The piece will be quite large 42" x 52" to hang in the space above my fireplace. It will also be very textured with lots of additional materials, wool (no surprises there :)) and padded shapes too. I also thought about including other animal references apart from the sheep and rabbits that are already there in the drawing but I don't know how to draw alpaca. I would use phot transfer pictures but that would change the cartoon character that I have come to like about my work so maybe I will find another way, any suggestions welcome :) The flowers below the shelf were suggested by the out of focus shapes in the photo and came from the colours. The bees are because the balls of wool reminded me of beehives! I am also thinking of knitting stitch samples and attaching them to provide texture and contours for the hanks of wool. Look at the original picture to see colour suggestions. Love the picture that was sent to me as my inspiration for this project more and more every time I look at it :)

The blog for this challenge is here and is well worth a read as there is lots of discussion about design and different techniques for realising those designs.

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