Thursday, January 19, 2006

snail's trail christmas variation

snail's trail christmas variation
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As I am making blocks for the other members of the row by row quilt swap I have decided to make a block of each pattern I produce in my own fabrics to keep. last year I made 11 blocks for a friendship block swap. Some of them were really nice blocks (if I do say so myself) and I wish I had thought of doing duplicates then too. Anyway, this year I will make an extra block. So, Di's block was snail trail and I have made one in my christmas fabrics for me to keep. I haven't decided whether to use these in my finished row by row quilt or to keep them for something else.

As you can see this one came out very differently from Di's blcoks. The strong colours of Di's blokc and only using two fabrics for each one made the curve of the snail's trail very obvious. Here the different prints were confined to blus and red but with less definition to the finished design. I think the centre blue was probably a mistake as it is too light and doesn't allow the pattern to be seen very clearly. Instead I have ended up with a square within a square arrangement which I am quite happy with. I have one foundation pattern left and may attempt this again with darker blues in the centre, may.

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