Saturday, January 21, 2006

Mairead's CQ adventure continues ...

Some time ago, in the cold and misty land to the north, a young maiden was tempted by the treasures in her mother's sewing basket.
Mother, wishing to initiate this maiden in the ways of her craft, gathered together a band of wise women who agreed to share their knowledge and skill. The young maiden was helped by her mother to construct a simple fabric wrapping in which to carry the wisdom, and together they sent this wrap off into the distance with many thankful wishes for the success of the wise women's mission.
Many moons passed and reports began to filter back to the cold and misty land to the north. Sightings of the wrap were spoken of in hushed wispers, as the people of the project began to marvel at the intricate wonders wrought in the maiden's honour. Beautiful patterns and tantilising textures were added to the wrap and it's beauty began to attract admiring glances from all lucky enough to see it. It travelled the globe to places warm and sunny and full of vibrant embroidery and embellishment.
At each stopping something of the knowledge and enthusiasm of the wise woman of that place was transferred to the wrap.
Do you want to peek at the wrap as it travels on it's journey? Pictures of the progress thus far can be seen at and at
And now the journey continues ...


belle said...

What a wonderful way to chronicle the journey of the magical wrap :)

Will this introduction be part of the hard copy journal you're going to put together?

Chloe said...


There is a tiny, complex little pattern of wisdom in the air, here. It can feel the wrapping near, but not near enough - if the wrapping is still with the Wise Woman of Melbourne it is possible the magic of Australia Post (Hah! not even a fairy story would make them magic!) would see the pattern of knots rest.

Guidance, please??????

Sharon said...

The story bought a tear to my eye... It certainly has 'woven' its magic for me... :-}}

Ribbonwiz said...

it was like being transported back in time to a magical place somewhere.
I will follow the trail.
The magic wrap is sure to weave it's magic where ever it travels.

Jo in NZ said...

My comment is similar to Belles. I hope that you are going to present this journey in a way that your daughter can keep it forever. It's beautiful.